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VIP Trap

The pinnacle of Trap Shooting cartridges

Eley Hawk’s VIP Trap cartridge has undergone years of development and testing to produce a load that represents the pinnacle of the options available. As such, it is no wonder it has become the perfect choice cartridge for top Trap shooters the length and breadth of the UK. 

With fast speeds and a wide variety of shot sizes, Eley Hawk have ensured there is a configuration suitable for all the Trap disciplines – from DTL and ABT to Universal Trench and Olympic Trap. Where you need speed to ensure a quick break on even the toughest of traps, you can depend on VIP Trap cartridges to provide winning performances. 

“Where Eley’s VIP wins out is in consistency of performance, with the ability to connect with the most distant second barrel birds being legendary. Observed velocity rarely drops below 1,150fps whilst the quality and uniformity of the componentry – especially the 7½ shot –enhances confidence with a shot pattern never less than 92%.” ~ Mark Stone, Gun Mart Magazine.

A few reasons to choose Eley VIP Trap cartridges include the extra high brass heads which offer the best possible containment for the initial firing of the cartridge, the high-density polyethylene wad, and premium PSB powders that have been engineered to produce the highest possible speeds, consistent pressures and ballistics, and unprecedented reliability performances. 


Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
24 7.5 Plastic 427 mps • 1400 fps 25mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches
28  7.5 Plastic 427 mps • 1400 fps 25mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches

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