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Extra Long

The ultimate 3” .410 game cartridge 

The Extra Long cartridge by Eley Hawk is the ultimate .410 load for the 3” chambered shotgun. 

As the largest .410 load available, this cartridge has been formulated to deliver brilliant results in the field, making it a firm favourite among small-bore game shooting enthusiasts. Coming in 18 gram loads, it is more than capable for using on partridge days.

The additional power has made this load the perfect choice for those who shoot .410s during the game season. It’s also only available in fibre. 

“Eley are the only manufacturer that produce fibre loads in .410 format. So well done to them!” ~ Shooting UK 

This cartridge is also available in a Hush Power subsonic variant which is ideal for vermin control to give a quiet performance in areas where noise considerations are a factor, such as shooting close to livestock or farm buildings. 


Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
18 5, 6, 7 Fibre 326 mps • 1070 fps 16mm 76 mm • 3 inches
18 (SUBSONIC) 6 Fibre 274 mps • 900 fps 16mm 76 mm • 3 inches

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