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Grand Prix Traditional Steel Pro Eco

The perfect blend of tradition and market leading innovation

This is Eley Hawk’s latest, market-leading innovation which blends tradition with cutting edge technology. Featuring Eley Hawk’s exclusive fully bio-degradable Pro Eco Wad, the Grand Prix Traditional Steel Pro Eco opens up shooting a standard steel load in traditional, nitro-proofed guns, meaning that a future remains for old English shotguns. 

“Having fired a couple of boxes through my Lancaster, I conducted an almost forensic examination for any signs of damage and found none. I was also impressed with the clean burn of the powder, which left little or no fouling… Armed with a belt full of these, I now have the confidence to use steel cartridges in my 112-year-old gun. Not only has my gun been given an extension to its useful life, but I feel better for knowing that I will not be depositing several pounds of a poisonous heavy metal onto the Shropshire countryside each season.” ~ Bill Harriman, BASC Director of Firearms

The Grand Prix Traditional Steel is loaded in a 30 gram 4 shot and comes in the iconic Grand Prix orange case. To check if your gun is suitable for steel shot please check the British Proof House Equivalency Table or consult your local gunsmith


Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
NEW! 30 4 PRO ECO 412 mps • 1279 fps 10mm 65 mm • True 2 1/2 inches

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