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Pigeon HV

A premium, high velocity pigeon cartridge

Eley Hawk’s Pigeon HV (High Velocity) cartridges have excellent knock down power that will deliver great results on fast-flying woodies. 

Loaded in 32 gram 6 shot with a new 70mm case, the fibre wad Pigeon HVs pack a punch and work in all gun types and provides a smooth ejection in semi autos. The CSB 2 powder extends the range of the cartridge for far out pigeons, while remaining consistent with comfortable recoil. 

“On the flight line I found Eley Pigeon HVs to be both hugely effective and consistent, even at long ranges. This should come as no surprise – as an integrated manufacturer with all their components from powder to shot developed and produced in-house we can expect nothing less.” ~ Vic Harker, Sporting Shooter


Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
32 6 Fibre 420 mps • 1377 fps 12mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches

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