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VIP Lightning Steel

The ultimate steel shot cartridge

As the ultimate steel shot game cartridge, Eley Hawk’s VIP Lighting Steel is manufactured with a powerful blend of powders to achieve incredible performance while still conforming to CIP regulations. 

The unique SSB+ 150 powder excels even in humid conditions and has been specifically crafted to ensure excellent ballistics with steel loads. The VIP Lightning Steel allows you to shoot at outstanding ranges with convincing knockdown power on even the largest of waterfowl species. A perfect load for all large, 3" chambered semi-automatic shotguns.

“Eley VIP Lightning Steel in 36 gram, no 3 shot, is a good duck or goose load. They certainly hit hard. At 30 yards with the ¾ choke, I had 132 pellets hit the pattern board.” ~ Bruce Potts, Gun Mart

*Only to be used in steel-prooved guns. Always check instructions provided with your gun and if you are unsure if suitable, get in touch with your local gunsmith for advice. 





Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
36 1, 3 Plastic 435 mps • 1430 fps 16mm 76 mm • 3 inches

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