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Ian Mullarkey

ian mullarkey shooting

Five minutes with Eley sponsored shooter Ian Mullarkey


All clay pigeon disciplines occasional pheasant shoot



How long have you used Eley cartridges?

Approximately 5 years Although I did shoot “Vinci” shells before that



Favourite load(s) and why:

I use a lot of Golds 7.5’s for DTL & sporting very smooth with not much noticeable recoil good for the big days. Titanium strike for the more testing of targets a good shell to have in reserve 



What do you love most about Eley cartridges:

A good English produced product that you can rely on time & time again



Gun(s) Used:

Krieghoff K80 Custom 32”



Greatest shooting achievement:

I am lucky to have many great shooting achievements one of my best was to be the Captain of the World DTL Winning team in South Africa in 2010.

Another was to be the First person to win the coveted DTL Krieghoff shoot for the 2nd time in 2014 and then the next year to win it for the 3rd time



Competitions won in the last five years:

European DTL Championship 2019

Dougal Memorial DTL oldest trophy in clay pigeon shooting (not recognised by Eley)

Many other registered shoots and championships



Favourite ground/shoot:

I would like to say I have many fond memories of Mid Wales but alas no longer exists

I would now say Bywell as it is kept in pristine condition throughout the year not just for competitions



Fondest shooting memory:

My fondest shooting memory was when I captained the winning DTL team for the Home international in Wales



Most valuable tip/advice:

Never give up we all go through ups and downs keep your head down and keep trying



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