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Five minutes with Eley Hawk sponsored shooter, Adam Gutteridge.



ABT, UT, and OT mainly. But shoot all Clay Disciplines for fun! Game shooting, it’s either Driven Pheasant or Partridge


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

I have been with Eley since 2002, so just over 21 years now!


Favourite load(s) and why:

All of the loads are great, but my stand-out favourites include the Superb in both the 24 and 28-gram versions for ANY Clay Shooting. There is the right shot size, load, and wad option in the range to cover most target challenges! For Game Shooting it has to be either the Grand Prix or the Zenith, again all bases are covered for the majority of shoots!


What do you love most about Eley cartridges?:

Eley cartridges have a steeped heritage in British Shooting, top quality performing products that are heralded the world over and perform at all levels of shooting. With the emphasis also on looking at the next generation of ammunition with the Eco Wad and other developments!


Gun(s) used:

Beretta DT10 or DT11 depending on the game.


Greatest shooting achievement:

All my England and Great Britain caps! They have given me such a great depth of knowledge of competing and the opportunity to travel to places all over the world!


Competitions won in last five years:

Most notable for me was the English Open ABT in 2021, coming out of COVID with little competition training to win this after a shoot-off meant a lot!


Favourite ground/shoot:

Too many! But to list a few:-

Park Farm Shooting Ground

East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground

Fauxdegla Premier Shooting Ground

All of them throw excellent targets!


Most valuable tips:

Find a coach who works for you and be detailed in your analysis of your own performance. Once you get the basics nailed down, you’re looking for the missing 0.5% in all the supplementary areas. If you investigate all these your game will come on leaps and bounds as all the 0.5%’s start to add up!


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