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Annalise Evans


Five Minutes with Eley Hawk Sponsored Shooter, Annalise Evans.



FITASC and English Sporting


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

I’ve been shooting Eley cartridges for two years.


Favourite load(s) and why:

Superb 24g 8 Plastic- extremely low recoil with amazing patterns

VIP Federation 6.5- perfect for the long targets


What do you love most about Eley cartridges?:

the consistency and the low recoil which helps neutralise the natural fatigue during a competition.


Gun(s) used:

Caesar Guerini Invictus V


Greatest shooting achievement:

Having the honour to represent GB in FITASC


Competitions won in last five years:

English Open Lady Colt Gold 2018

English Open Sporting Colt Bronze 2018

World Sporting Lady Colt Silver 2018

Welsh Open Sporting Junior Gold 2018

British Open Sporttrap Lady Colt Silver 2018

UK Compak Championship Colt Bronze 2019

English Open Sporting Lady Junior Silver 2019

ICTSF World Sporting Lady Junior Gold 2019

British Open Sporttrap Lady Junior Bronze 2019

Home International FITASC Junior Joint Silver 2019

British Open Sporting Lady Junior Bronze 2020

Ian Coley 50th Anniversary Lady Gold 2020

English Open Sporting Lady Junior Gold 2022

Benelli Sp Auto Challenge Ladies Gold 2022  


Favourite ground/shoot:

Longridge Shooting Ground


Most valuable tips:

Take it one pair at a time, you can’t change the fact you just missed a target, but you can control your attitude towards the next ones. Take a breath, reset and carry on.


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