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Five Minutes with Eley Hawk Sponsored Shooter, Connor Harris.



Down the line and English Sporting.


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

I have used Eley cartridges for just over 6 years now and they have never missed a beat.


Favourite load(s) and why:

My favourite load must be the Eley Vip Traps. They are extremely smooth and hard-hitting shells which give me full confidence in any target I come across whilst shooting.


What do you love most about Eley cartridges?:

I love Eley cartridges because of the consistency I get with kills and they are so smooth through my gun of choice which is a Miroku MK3800.


Gun(s) used:

Miroku MK3800 TR-1.


Greatest shooting achievement:

2022 DTL Overall European Champion.


Competitions won in last five years:

2018 DTL European champion U21

2019 Representing England juniors as the team captain.

2019 High gun over the 3 England selection shoots.

2022 Overall and U21 European champion DTL


Favourite ground/shoot:

Normanton Shooting ground in Leicestershire.


Most valuable tips:

To go out shooting and enjoy it, don’t worry if you didn’t shoot as well as you can because there is always next time.

Always be safe whilst out shooting.

Find the right coach for you, I recommend Mick Marlow of Normanton Shooting Ground for DTL. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things I have.


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