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Emma Parkinson


emma parkinson clay shooting


Five minutes with Eley Hawk sponsored shooter, Emma Parkinson.



English Skeet and Olympic Skeet.


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

Since I started shooting when I was 18! Six years ago now.


Favourite load(s) and why:

Eley Select 24 gram. They are so smooth and you hardly get any recoil, which is perfect for when you’re shooting a lot of targets in competition. 


What do you love most about Eley cartridges: 

When I started shooting, I tried a variety of different cartridges from different brands as I really struggled with recoil. However, once I tried the Eley Selects I fell in love with the brand, while low on recoil, they are powerful enough to give the most amazing breaks which fills you with confidence during competition!


Gun(s) Used:

My dad’s 20-year-old Browning Ultra S with 30" barrels.


Greatest shooting achievement:

I have competed for the England team for three consecutive years and am currently Lady Number 1 in the CPSA UK Rankings for ESK. I am also an International Champion.


Competitions won in the last five years:

Home International Lady Champion & Winning Team.
Lady No.1 in CPSA UK Rankings and No.8 (and only female) in Senior Rankings.
Scottish Open Lady Champion, Junior Champion and Overall Runner up.
Welsh Open Lady Champion and overall runner up (124ex125).
Area ESK Champion (100ex100).
Inter-county Champion.
County Champion.


Favourite ground/shoot:

Probably Nottingham as they have the most fantastic sky background so the targets stand out a mile away. Or Doveridge where I shot my first ever 100-straight at an Area Championship!


Fondest shooting memory:

Winning parent and child in both the British and the English Open ESK Championships in the same year with my dad.


Most valuable tip/advice:

Be positive and believe in yourself. Don’t listen to anyone being negative because as soon as you think negatively about a certain target or ground, you’ll plant a seed of doubt which will constantly be in the back of your head when you’re competing, so always stay positive. Even if I’ve had a bad day at the office, I always make sure I pick out a positive of the day before I leave. Remember, if you can dream it, you can do it!


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