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Geoff Garrod


geoff garrod pigeon shooting


Five minutes with Eley Hawk ambassador and pigeon shooting guru, Geoff Garrod. 


Geoff has a long-standing affinity with the Eley Hawk brand, which is why he has worked so hard to bring the Pigeon Select cartridge to the market. 

He admits: “There is nothing quite like that evocative smell of a freshly fired Eley cartridge, and I remember picking up those freshly spent cartridges and having a sniff and helping my Dad who taught me some great lessons out in the field. 

“In many ways, I like to think I am carrying on those special moments now with my son, and Eley has always been the perfect choice cartridges for me, and the 30g No. 6 Pigeon Select works just right in my semi-auto.”



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