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Jean-Paul Gaudin





Five minutes with Eley Hawk Sponsored Shooter, Jean-Paul Gaudin.


Following a horrific motorcycle accident in the late 90’s Jean-Paul now shoots from a wheelchair, and is one of the very few wheelchair shooters out there shooting game on a regular and consistent basis. Having shot game for as long as he can remember in his native France, Jean-Paul’s passion is clear.

He explains “whether grouse, partridge or pheasant I’ve been privileged to shoot at some of the best estates in the country, experiencing different terrains, different birds and more so however all with one thing in common – my cartridges!”

I’ve shot with Eley for as long as I can remember he adds, they give me the confidence to know what I hit is coming down in the best humane manner. Eley as a brand has always been at the forefront and with their vast offering now available for game shooters regardless of whether your shooting quarry at 20 metres or 80 metres there isn’t anything else in my opinion worth considering.

I use the Zenith throughout my season in several variants of weight and shot size depending on where and what I am shooting. In all this time the quality, pattern and overall ability to achieve what I demand from my cartridges never faulters and continually provides me with consistent clean humane and confident kills.

Grouse, partridge, pheasant and wild boar
How long have you used Eley cartridges?

I’ve used Eley for as long as I can remember, my earliest memory is using the grand prix paper style ones back in France with my Grandfather when I was 12 / 13 years old
Favourite load(s): 

For me it would have to be the Zenith range, always consistent with great patterns and humane kills at both normal and extreme ranges
What do you love most about Eley cartridges: 

The confidence the product gives me, the speed and the hitting power
Gun(s) Used: 

Beretta and EJ Churchill Hercules
Greatest shooting achievement:

It would have to be establishing The Seated Gun brand
Favourite ground/shoot: 

For clays it has to be EJ Churchill, for game I would have to say I’ve been privileged to shoot too many of the best to pick one!
Most valuable tip/advice: 

Buy the best equipment you can afford and that works for you. Watch, listen and learn and above all enjoy every day your shooting like it’s the last one your shooting!
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