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Jose Souto

Jose Souto


Five minutes with Eley Ambassador and Leading Game Chef Jose Souto.


"I am thrilled to be an ambassador for Eley. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation is truly inspiring. Eley's development of eco-friendly steel shot and its forward-thinking approach in the market is remarkable. Their history, openness, and dedication to educating partners are just a few reasons why I am proud to represent them."

Where did your passion for shooting stem from?

"My passion for shooting began in Spain, spending summers with my uncles. I remember the excitement of hunting quail, partridge, and rabbit. The thrill of the hunt and the camaraderie with my uncles were unforgettable. This early exposure instilled a lifelong love for shooting and even led me to falconry. I particularly enjoy the unpredictability of walk-up shooting, which aligns with my culinary interests, providing a variety of game for my kitchen."

Why Eley Hawk?

"I chose to work with Eley because of their rich history and innovative mindset. They were the first to really educate me about cartridges, opening their doors and explaining the intricacies of their production. What stands out about Eley is its proactive approach in developing lead-free cartridges, and staying ahead of future regulations. Their willingness to share knowledge and their dedication to sustainability makes them a perfect fit for me."

What is the importance of shooting and eating game?

"For me, shooting is not just about the sport; it's about the ethical and sustainable harvesting of game for food. It's crucial to efficiently and humanely kill game to ensure it's safe for consumption and free from toxins. The camaraderie and enjoyment of shooting are important, but ultimately, it's about providing food. Shooting game for the table brings a deeper purpose and connection to the food we eat."

How have perceptions of game changed over the years?

"Over the years, I've seen a shift in how people perceive shooting and game harvesting. There's a growing awareness of the need for sustainable and ethical practices. The focus has shifted towards ensuring that game is harvested for food responsibly and humanely. This change in perception is encouraging, as more people recognise the importance of sustainable food sources."

What does the future landscape of shooting and game harvesting look like?

"The future of shooting and game harvesting depends on our community's ability to present itself positively and responsibly. We need to take proactive measures to avoid negative press, such as stopping the persecution of birds of prey and managing predator populations to maintain ecological balance. I hope that more people will recognise the value of game as a sustainable food source. Our efforts today will shape the future landscape of our sport and its role in sustainable food production."





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