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Five Minutes with Eley Hawk Sponsored Shooter, Lorriane Greening.





How long have you used Eley cartridges?

I started shooting in 2018 and met the late Dave Toomer (a long-standing Eley sponsored shooter) who introduced me to Eley cartridges. I have shot them ever since & gained sponsorship with Eley last year.


Favourite load(s) and why: 

Eley DTL Gold 28gram 7.5

Eley Superbs 28gram 7.5


What do you love most about Eley cartridges?: 

They simply do the best job!

Smooth, hard-hitting, reliable, awesome. I have 100% faith in them killing the target, if I do my job well


Gun(s) used:

Perazzi Hi-Tech 3 


Greatest shooting achievements:

1. My first year qualifying for England Ladies Team 2022/23


• England Ladies Team Gold British Open 2022

• England Ladies Team Gold Home International 

• Lady High Gun South Africa World DTL challenge

• Individual Ladies Bronze World Macintosh 

• England Ladies Team Bronze 2023 World Championships in South Africa 


2. Winning Disabled Shooter of the Year 2022


Competitions won in last five years:

I started shooting in 2018 and discovered DTL as a discipline that would suit me, as I must sit down to shoot.


In addition to my England achievements above.

• DTL County Ladies champion since my first year in 2018 & retained to date 

• SB Ladies County Champion again retained to date 

• English Open Disabled Sitting Champion 2021 & 2022

• Dougall Memorial DTL Disabled Sitting Champion 2021 & 2022

• Ladies High Gun, Queens Platinum Jubilee, Bisley

• Bisley 200 Ladies High Gun

• Bisley Challenge Bowl Ladies High Gun

• English Open Ladies Single Barrel Champion 

• British Open Ladies Single Barrel Champion


Favourite ground/shoot: 

Brookbank Shooting Ground


Most valuable tips:

◦ Anything is possible if you really ‘want’ it!

◦ Set yourself short, medium & long-term goals & celebrate success

◦ Find an adaptive, compatible coach/team, who can coach & inspire as well as teach & tell!


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