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Nick Portlock


nick portlock clay shooting


Five minutes with Eley Hawk sponsored shooter Nick Portlock.



Clay Shooter.


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

20+ years.


Favourite load(s) and why:

My Favourite loads are Eley Superb 8’s for the closer targets within 30yrds, Eley VIP Federations 6.5s and Eley Titanium Strikes for the more rangey/tougher target.


What do you love most about Eley cartridges: 

I love the consistency and reliability of the Eley cartridge & also the patterns they throw, for me my three cartridges of choice cover all eventualities at modern Clay Shooting competitions.


Gun(s) Used:

Beretta DT11 sporter
Kreighoff K80 Supersport
Beretta Al391 Auto


Competitions won in the last five years:

Longridge SG - 94/100 High Gun
Meadowcroft SG - 97/100 High Gun
Cefn Tilla Clays - 90/100 High Gun

Many County titles in Gloucestershire:
County Sporting Champion.
County Sportrap Champion.
County FITASC champion.
County Skeet Champion.

2020 World Beretta Championships Joint High gun 95/100.
2021 World Benelli Auto Championship- Joint high gun 98/100.
2020 English open Sportrap Class Champion.
2020 British Open Sportrap Class runner up.
Many High Guns in Sporting discipline in last 5 years.
2021  Clayshooting Classic – 150/138 – 4th overall, 3rd AAA.
Benelli Auto Shoot champs AGL – Jnt High Gun with 98/100.
Westfields 120 Auto shoot - High Gun 106/120.
EJ Churchill’s 100 reg – 96/100 jnt 1st AA.
Barbury AA – 94/100.
Longridge Shooting Ground – jnt high gun – 97/100.
Westfields SG – 94/100 1st AA.


Favourite ground/shoot(S):

Westfields Shooting Ground
Barbury Shooting School
College Farm
Longridge Shooting Ground


Fondest shooting memory:

Being in the super final at the British Open 2016 & shooting against some great competitors. Also, all county title sporting shoots, as Gloucestershire has some great shots in the county and names on the trophy.


Most valuable tip/advice:

Enjoy what you do, it’s a great sport.


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