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Ollie Williams


Ollie Williams


Five minutes with Eley Hawk sponsored shooter, Ollie Williams.


Ollie has been in the shooting scene for many years now and is well-known within the shooting industry and beyond. Having amassed a vast following on social media, Ollie appears to be the perfect choice of ambassador to represent the brand.

Speaking on the announcement, Ollie commented: “I am absolutely thrilled to be joining Eley Hawk as their ambassador. I am passionate about the preservation and conservation of game and game habitat, and Eley’s cartridges are at the forefront of the ‘non-toxic’ advances in technology.” Ollie further commented on using Eley Hawk cartridges: “For both over and under, side by sides and all other shotguns since the inception of the cartridges, they are the perfect choice for anyone who is serious about protecting the environment whilst still ensuring accurate, clean dispatch of game at impact… all while ensuring the gun can withstand it too.”

Carl Weller, Sales Manager at Eley Hawk commented on the announcement: “We are delighted to welcome Ollie Williams to the Eley Hawk team as a Brand Ambassador. As a Professional Hunter and Sportsman, Ollie is extremely knowledgeable about shooting and has been involved in the industry for many years, making him a tremendous addition to our existing group of ambassadors.”



Sportsman and International Professional Hunter.


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

Ever since I can remember picking up a gun! They have been a staple part of my shooting for life, well-balanced, punch-packing. I am honoured to now be working with them as an ambassador.


Favourite load(s) and why:

30g 5s, 32g 5s.

5s because they offer more of a punch than a slap of a 6.

30g will kill most stuff that comes over your head, 32g for the real tall kit, in my experience you don’t need anything larger!


What do you love most about Eley cartridges: 

Shooting is built around tradition, Eley is built around the traditional values of an English cartridge brand, unlike a lot of others, they have kept their products in line with shooting and haven’t tried to fix something that ain’t broke!

They perform just as you would expect, from woodcock on Bodmin Moor, to rock pigeons in Bloemfontein, to guinea fowl in the forests of Mozambique they have worked time and time again for me.


Gun(s) Used:

Piotti 12B SBS (Pair).

Holland and Holland SBS (Pair).

Benelli M2 Cerakote 12B.


Greatest shooting achievement:

As a sporting shot, not a clay shot… I am always careful about bragging about hunting and shooting as an ‘achievement’, at the end of the day an animal has given its life for our food, sport etc… calling that an achievement is not something I would condone or do.

I once shot 50/100 on a clay ground though!


Competitions won in the last five years:

I wish!


Favourite ground/shoot:

Being Cornish, I have to stick local… my own shoot Lanhydrock we have built from the ground up and is slowly starting to resemble something more than nothing.

Pentillie, on the border, is also a very smart outfit, along with the house stay, it’s a proper shooting experience.


Most valuable tip/advice:

Always treat your quarry with respect, before and after the kill.

Always be prepared to leave a bird, it may be better for someone else, too unsafe or just unsporting.


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