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Steve Clark

Steve Clarke


Five minutes with Eley Hawk sponsored shooter Steve Clarke.



I’ve been very fortunate to shoot a lot of high pheasants in the West Country, and a lot of pigeons! Clay wise, I love English sporting, FITASC, Compak Sporting etc…


How long have you used Eley cartridges?

About 5 years, ever since I have been an Eley sponsored shooter following the finals of the World Championships. I really liked the product and proceeded from there.


Favourite load(s) and why:

For Sporting, without a doubt there are only two options for me, Titanium Strikes and VIP Federation. I love them. I think people go with so many cartridges and options that when they come to shoot they are thinking about the cartridge and not the target. I know they are overkill for the job required, so if I miss I know it is solely my error! Titaniums shoot very tight and come into their own when they need to. And the VIPs are very consistent and give a very good pattern.

For Game, it would have to be Zenith Pro Eco – they are absolutely superb! Plastic will outperform fibre every day of the week and these offer the best of both worlds. Either in 32g 5s or 36g 4s, 60-70 yard birds can be shot convincingly. They are also fantastic for pigeons.


What do you love most about Eley cartridges:

I have shot many other brands, but I like Eley as a company, particularly in their transparency – they’ve been very clear with the processes behind each cartridge and are constantly innovating. Years ago, I remember my dad using Eley and they were his go-to. cartridges too.


Gun(s) Used:

I use Beretta. Currently a DTL 32” custom stock. It’s a nice, heavy gun.


Greatest shooting achievement:

I’ve won many titles, however, shooting for England for the first time in the English Sporting Team in Jersey was a particular highlight, mostly because of my dad, as he believed in me and I was proud to prove him right.


Competitions won in the last five years:

I recently won AA outright and was 5th overall in the World Sport Trap. I won the Benelli spar auto and High Gunned at the English Compak Open.


Favourite ground/shoot:

Shooting ground: Hodnet in the midlands and E.J. Churchill as their facilities are fantastic and any world participants wouldn’t be let down. I also love my local ground, Southdown Gun Club.

Driven Shoot: I would be able to pick one out-right – I have shot at so many fantastic shoots. Brigands can be amazing, as can Chargot and Clovelly.


Most valuable tips:

For pigeons – observation… observation… observation! Do your homework, find the flight lines, then set the decoys – the best spot is not always the most obvious. Lastly, make a great a hide.

For clays – it’s paramount that people enjoy themselves. This is and always should be the most important thing. And shoot as much as you can without taking too much time out of family life – the high scores and wins will follow.

For game – always be a gentleman on the peg, and never be a greedy Gun! If you are struggling on them, don’t always increase your lead, start from the beak and then increase the gap until you find your form. Always take note of the wind too and focus on the line of the bird. Last, but by no means least, enjoy yourself.



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